Program Facts

This program is ideal if:

  • You are interested in long-term English study abroad
  • You would like to spend time exploring your new surroundings, making new friends and sampling life in a different culture
  • You want to take advantage of fantastic savings on the long term course fees

Program length: 20 tuition weeks with one vacation period

Program details:

  • 20 General English lessons: These lessons focus on helping you to communicate effectively in everyday English. The wide-ranging syllabus will improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and confidence
  • 7 Structured Study sessions: These sessions help you to reinforce what you have learned and improve the areas where you need most practice by using selected books, online language exercises and interactive computer programs

Minimum age: 16

Entry level requirements: Elementary-advanced


All Kaplan International Colleges English Academic Semester students will be monitored regularly and progress will be recorded in an Individual Student File. The Individual Student File will show how each key English skill has developed and pinpoint the areas of language training which can be improved upon.

At the end of the Kaplan International Colleges English Academic program, students receive a Kaplan International Colleges Certificate of Achievement detailing the level of proficiency in English achieved. The certificate, together with your Individual Student File, documents your language achievements and can be presented to future employers or educational institutions as proof of your English ability.